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Hi, I'm Zack aka Skai!
I'm a freelance artist who likes to draw all sorts of things - from furry to fantasy to human art.

Picture of my fursona, Skai
Picture of my fursona, Skai


Q: I'm interested in commissioning you. How do I do that?
A: I open every Sunday (unless specified) on my Twitter at 6PM GMT/BST. There will be a link to a Google Form.
Q: What are your prices?
A: Please refer to my media tab on Twitter - you can find my last opening with the latest pricing there!
Q: Do you pick from a list or are they first come first served?
A: First come first served.
Q: Can I reserve a slot?
A: Thank you for your interest in my work. I know time zones can be tricky. However, I do not accept reservations.
Q: Do you hold auctions for slots?
A: Occassionally, I will offer an auction slot which will run over the weekend. The winner will have a guaranteed slot in my next batch.
Q: How long do commissions take to complete?
A: I take commissions on Sundays and I send them out Thursday or Friday the same week.
Q: Do you only take commissions for furry characters?
A: No, I love to work with human/humanoid characters as well!

Commissioned Work

Personal Work

Terms of Service

I have the right to deny any commission request.Payment must be made before work is started on the commission.Do not send payment before I have accepted your commission.I do not work chronologically on my queue. I work on everything in little chunks at a time, so they are all finished around the same time (3-5 days).If the commission is larger than an icon, lockscreen, paint over, or badge, I will send regular WIPs to the client. However, directly after payment has been sent, you can request WIPs on smaller commissions if you wish, just let me know promptly as I start work immediately after payment and finish smaller works within 2 hours.On larger commissions, after the commission is completed, I will send a lower res file to the client, ask if there are any last minute fixes needed, then send over the high res via Dropbox.Once the finished work has been approved and sent in full, the commission will be marked as completed and I will not make any further changes. So make sure to include any references for clothing, backgrounds, accessories (earrings, etc.), if not already specified on your character ref-sheet, at the start of your commission, either via form or dm. Otherwise, I will assume artist liberty. After the commission has been delivered, any add-ons or changes (e.g. to clothing) that have not been specified by you at the start will be subject to charges based on the amount of additional work needed to complete them.I do not work on weekends. If I have scheduled time off, I will post on my twitter. You are free to message me at anytime, but I will most likely not respond until I’m back in the office.You may contact me for a quote anytime via notes or dm, but I will not take on your commission until I have slots open for them. You can find openings via my twitter. I take on a set amount each week. Find more information on my commissions by clicking on the button below.I DO NOT work through Telegram. Please send any business communication through my email, twitter dms, or FA notes. Telegram messages about business will be ignored.You must have an up-to-date VISUAL reference sheet (or a piece by another artist if it is clear enough) of your character before commissioning me.If you requested a WIP beforehand, I will allow up to 3 changes on the sketch stage, after that limit is reached each additional change will be £10. I will allow 2 changes past this sketch stage, after that limit is reached additional change will be £15.If the error is on my part of misreading the design, you will not be charged.I DO NOT support NFTs, nor may my art be used for them.What I will draw:
General/Mature rated scenes
Soft vore
Artistic nudity
I do not draw any adult themes. I do not draw any images containing guns.If you have an idea you are not sure of, please ask me! I will be happy to answer!Can I reserve a spot for icons/badges/lockscreens/paintings?
Sadly, the answer is no. Too many want to reserve and it wouldn’t be fair to those waiting for me to open. You can set my twitter to notify your phone around the time I plan to open. I will usually give a 30-10 minute warning, and then post the Open tweet.
Why don’t you send WIPs of smaller items automatically?
I take on 3-6 pieces a day, and work to finish that queue the same day or the next so I can keep on schedule. If I sent wips for approval out to everyone, the process and speed of my turnaround will be delayed. You are welcome to ask for a wip right after you pay if you are in need of seeing one.
When do you open for commission?
See up to date commission information on the commission page (link at the bottom of this page). The type of commission and cost will be described upon opening.
When can I expect my commission?
For larger items about a month from when the money was sent. For smaller items same day, next day, or within a week.
Do you want the money at the start of the commission?
Will you draw porn on commission?
Do you draw humanoid characters?
Absolutely! I love to draw them just as much as furries!
Can I draw/commission your characters in suggestive/Mature ways?
You are totally free and loved to want to make/get art of my characters for me, but please make it clean unless you've asked me first. Please respect my ocs!

Picture of my fursona, Skai

How to Commission Me

Thanks for your interest in my art!You can catch my commission openings over on twitter at @SkiaSkai (press twitter icon at the top). At the appropriate time, I will post a link to my google form, which you can fill in to claim a slot. These are first come first served and fill fast - so make sure you have a link to your reference ready. Unless it is an auction, I do not open any slots early or do reservations.The current opening times for SkiaSkai are as follows:
Lockscreen Commissions - Sundays, 6pm BST
Icon Commissions - Wednesday or Thursday evenings GMT / BST (see twitter for exact time on the week)
Current pricing
Lockscreen Commissions - 260 GBP (+ extra character 40GBP, max. 3 characters)
Icons - 150 GBP
Unless announced otherwise on my twitter, I currently only regularly open for these two commission types.By commissioning me, you agree to my TOS.

Cat picture of Skai